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Good design can mean the difference
between success and failure

Not only does good design help you communicate your message to your audience, but it leaves a lasting impression about your brand. Poor design can do a lot of damage to your business' image, so it's important that you invest in good graphic design to really connect with your customers.

The more you can tell me about your project,
the better the outcome will be

When giving me your brief, you can help me meet your needs in the best possible way by including the following:

  • Information about your company and what you do.
  • What you are trying to achieve with this project.
  • The project's message or theme.
  • Are there any corporate guidelines to follow?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your target audience?
  • The overall look and feel required
    (corporate, simple, fun, youthful, etc)
  • The budget for the project.
  • Technical specifications.
  • Deadlines.